Hurry up! Fix-Bot needs your help to repair this chaos. 


After an earthquake the facility is in chaos, the electricity is failing, water tubes are breaking, fires are sprouting out of nowhere. The employees of this tech company are stuck inside the building and the only way out is using a voice controlled bot, Fix-Bot, to fix the damaged building until this catastrophe is over. Aftershocks of the earthquake are frequent and new malfunctions seem to never stop coming up. Will you be the savior who will rescue your colleagues and friends with your fast reflexes and quick thinking?

Use YOUR VOICE on the wallkie-talkie to command a remote robot in order to fix crumbling rooms.

Voice commands: GO LEFT, GO UP, GO DOWN, GO RIGHT, STOP!

You will find multiple problems and only one way to solve them. Pick the right tool!

  • The bucket to put out the fire.
  • The wrench to turn off the water leakage.
  • The duct tape to connect the electric cables.
  • The banana is a healthy snack, but you can’t fix anything with it.

Tested only on Chrome Desktop, Speech API is not well supported :(

Made for the Global Game Jam 2020 Gran Canaria

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