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A.S.D.L.O.V.E.R. is a volleyball game… but probably not the volleyball you know.

As volleyball two teams compete, separated by a net, trying to ground the ball in the other team court

But what if the human players control the whole team at the same time? ...On the same controller?

And if your team members were some cute ninja-luchadores-metalhead creatures or something deliciously absurd?

Maybe without too much reliance on real volleyball rules...

Then you got ASDLOVER : All Star Delicious League Of Volleyball Epic Rumble


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Install instructions

This early demo prototype can be played with an Xbox controller or with keyboard. Find a friend and challenge him to first come to score 5 points.


First team : Left stick to move, Left shoulder button to dash
Second team: right stick to move, right shoulder button to dash


First team : WASD to move, F to dash
Second team: Arrows to move, M to dash


ASDLOVER_20160126_osx64.zip 61 MB
ASDLOVER_20160126_win64.zip 57 MB

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