A downloadable game

"Feed The Troll" is a Asymmetrical co-op multiplayer cooking and shouting game, capable of both strengthening and destroying friendships.


Our brave players will have to face a hungering troll who has seized their tavern, constantly demanding food. The troll will express what he would like to eat, but because of his ravenous hunger, the supplies of the tavern are running short, and not all of the components of the troll's desired dish may be available. Our heroes' only hope is to complete the troll's order using makeshift ingredients, hoping that the troll will not get too annoyed for receiving something slightly different.


The players will be divided into two groups: one of them will be the single Chef, who will create the troll's desired dish, while the others will be his assistants (or slaves ) who, rummaging desperately in the larder, will look for the ingredients which the chef requires (or the ones they think they can fool the troll with... like worms instead of spaghetti >:)


This prototype won the MTV Mega Game Jam 2016

Luca 'Tato' Contato, Riccardo Amico, Ruben Caliandro

Gabriele Omaggio and everyone else

Game art:
Alessandro 'Mr.A' Di Lecce

FreeSound, OpenGameArt and everyone else

Dubbing (yes, the Troll has an actor)
Brian Ayres