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It's a fun game, until you realize the message, and the fact that there are people out there that play Tetris with buildings, not caring about how many people die as long as they get their money. Then it continues being fun of course, but it also makes you think. 

wait a minute how do I play the download

the game is fun.

thank you!

imagine dropping random pieces of stone and attempting to slather  on grey mud, then dropping some ceramic plates on it

this is a very interesting take on tetris. i like it

what on earth is the grey goo for? it seems to spend money but thats all i can tell that it does


mortar! Helps the bricks stick better together


Can you add a way to save and load so you don't have to restart from the beginning?

Great game

Ahh I had a blast playing this! Super fun way to pass a little bit of time! Tetris with terrible consequences!

Keep up the great work everyone =)


nice! Simply using a bit more mortar you can achieve better results ;)

Thank you for the video!

Really nice :) I look forward to the DLC build near the Vesuvio and Etna.